Advantages of Partnering With Us

  • Find Web And Mobile App Vulnerabilities
  • Provide Exact Fix to Vulnerabilities
  • Increase Security For Apps
  • Strategic and effective PEN testing solutions
  • Dedicated Team For PEN Testing
  • Protect Your Mobile Applications

Find your network, application and mobile vulnerabilities by penetration testing (PEN Test) and take actions before it is exploited.

  • Every organization try to secure themselves from network intrusions but that is not sufficient to protect your web applications from getting exploited. We recommend companies to do quarterly penetration testing to understand any vulnerabilities which can turn to be an backdoor entry for intruders. We use latest PEN test tools to identify OWASP related vulnerabilities in your environment and we recommend specific solutions to fix them.
  • We at DiziMonk have team of dedicated PEN testers who can help you finding the vulnerabilities and suggest the fixes where applicable. We do static and dynamic PEN test as per the management suggestions by your company. We do page by page PEN testing on your external facing applications which will tighten the application vulnerabilities.
  • Mobile pen-testing is critical as most of the companies are opening up their websites for mobile users hence it is important that companies work on their mobile application security. We can help in testing how your mobile application can be secured before they are taken over by hackers. We can give you exact fixes that you need to work on to protect your network, application, mobile applications and we can give comprehensive report of our testing which will bring ROI.

Managed Security Services

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