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  • 24*7 *365 Monitoring
  • Precise Use Cases
  • Faster Incident Response
  • Minimize The Risk For Security Breaches
  • Dashboards to Detect Security Incidents
  • Cyber Security Experts

Monitor . Detect . Prevent . Recover . Restore

  • DiziMonk Managed Security Service provides clients with 24×7 continuous monitoring through our Security operations center.
  • Today no organization is immune from cyber threats. Every organization has to make measures to curb security incidents which can directly impact reputation of the organization. Threat actors not only target your companies perimeter directly by targeted attacks but also can gain information through social media and set payloads accordingly to target your companies IT Network and the company staff to intrude into your network to steal companies critical information.
  • It is just matter of time that when the company data would be compromised, we have a team of cyber security experts who can remotely monitor your Network, Systems and applications logs to ensure that they are not only secure we take pre-emptive measures to tighten your companies IT ecosystem. Dizimonk provides you the right protection with no delay in responding to threats and help you to run your business smoothly rather than be a victim of security breach.
  • With our SOC services, we help customer to safe guard your comanies eco-system so that there is no data compromises to your business and there is no interruption in the service. This will help the companies to focus on their business without any hindrance. We here at Dizimonk provide managed security monitoring services to our clients by monitoring the IT environment 24×7 by our experienced cyber security experts through SIEM (Security Incident Event Monitoring).
  • We expertise in L1, L2 and L3 services to our clients through our customized solutions as per the client and partner information technology infrastructure.
  • SOC will detect, protect and will provide remediation methods for security threats and potential breaches

Managed Security Services

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