Advantages of Partnering With Us

  • Timely Identification of Data Theft
  • Enforce Data Security Policies
  • Monitor User Behaviour
  • Protection From Internal Data Leakages
  • Controlled Environment For Data
  • Best DLP(Data Loss Prevention)Expertise

Secure your organization data leakage by implementing DLP solution

  • As the organization grow confidentiality of the data is utmost important because discloser of company’s private and confidential information will land the company lose their business and clients and due to data leakages companies loose business to their competitors. DiziMonk helps our clients with correct data loss prevention solution and implement them. This will give piece of mind to clients on their data leakage problems.
  • Having DLP implemented you are not only addressing your data leakage issues but securing your company data and client data. Sometimes insiders unknowingly transfer the data to their mails and data drives this information when posted on social media or landing in the hands of hackers could lead to data discloser of your business partners and client PII information which will lead to legal law suites and reputation of the company goes for any toss. It is the key to protect the company data getting leaked outside.
  • The business benefits of DiziMonk DLP solutions are:
    • Provides suitable DLP solutions as per customer requirements
    • Knowing where your data is
    • Understanding where the data goes
    • Knowing how the data is used
    • Educating your employees and blocking unwanted activities
    • Protect adverent and inadvertent data leakage problem

Managed Security Services

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