Advantages of Partnering With Us

  • Monitoring Server And Network Infrastructure
  • Maximum Availability of Infrastructure
  • Lesser MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve)
  • Incident Detection And Remediation
  • Control IT Costs
  • Technical Expertise

Monitoring of infrastructure, network and applications 24×7 to detect incidents and remediate

  • Managed NOC services will be able to monitor your Server and Network 24*7 so that incidents detected and responded in timely manner.
  • Monitoring of server and network infrastructure is important to identify the service interruptions. Timely identification of incidents will save cost for the organization and ensure availability of services. Hence, we recommend our clients to have NOC monitoring in place which would able to detect incidents related to hardware, application services, server functions etc.
  • DiziMonk managed NOC service will be working to ensure that your network and servers are always available with maximum uptime.
  • At DiziMonk we provide our resources to our clients to monitor the infrastructure 24×7 and troubleshoot the incidents and provide break fix to the incident within agreed SLA time so that your server, network and applications are up and running.
  • We monitor the critical components such as Server Services, Hardware Degradation, Troubleshooting Switches, Routers, Access Points, Disk Space Thresholds, Network Outages, Troubleshoot Server Incidents, Monitor Mail Server Services and Troubleshoot, AD and DNS Server Monitoring, AD and DNS Log Analysis, Linux server incidents.

Managed Infrastructure Services

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