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  • Faster Backup Solutions
  • Speedier Back-Up
  • Effective Storage Solutions
  • Quick Restore of The Data
  • Cost Effective Backup Solutions
  • Customized Backup Solutions

We offer flexible and cost-effective design for Data recovery and restore

  • Every business at times goes through major breakdown situations where IT teams cannot recover the lost or corrupt data, whether it is system restore, or application restore or file server corruption. This is when your backup and storage support come to help.
  • It is important that you need to store your data in a secure remote location so that when it is needed it can be restored on the systems from back drives. This will help in getting last good backup and helps in bringing the system quickly online.
  • We at DiziMonk help in suggestion best back-up solutions to our customers, implement backup configurations, schedule the back jobs, troubleshoot and backup related incidents.
  • We coordinate with the IT teams when they need help on data restoration and help them fix the incident at hand which helps the business back to normal.

Managed Infrastructure Services

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